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New service: Invest in yourself during COVID-19

A personalized learning journey by combining the best tools in Leadership & Creativity

During the pandemic, when individual initiative is more important than ever, Amnis Learning & Growth – combining the best international Leadership & Creativity tools – has created a new service, Invest in yourself during COVID-19, for executives leading organizations or teams and pioneer taking responsibility for their individual development in order to respond quickly to the challenges of the next day.


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Our expert facilitators can deliver live, virtual training sessions, allowing your managers and team members to experience world-class content right from their desks. Or, we often implement a blended solution that combines face-to-face and virtual training sessions to minimize travel time and cost.


Delivered through award-winning technology, our Online Learning delivers instructor-led debriefs with self-paced learning modules that allow participants to learn and practice new skills in an engaging, time-saving format.

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