Executive Coaching


Through a one-to-one relationship with a selected Blanchard coach, your executives can learn and, more importantly, practice new behaviors and strategies that will benefit themselves and your organization. The primary elements of a successful executive coaching relationship include:

executive coaching

Confidentiality: A strong, trusting alliance is created between our coach and your executive. Content of coaching is kept in the strictest of confidence.

Structure: A proven process is followed in which individual and organization alignment takes place—this includes identifying the desired outcomes and focusing the coaching on intentional behaviors and commitment to act.

Targeted Transparency: A clearly defined plan is presented on how to engage the executive’s leadership—as well as other key stakeholders in the organization—in the executive development process that is designed to build internal support for ongoing development.

Knowledge Sharing: A professional relationship is developed that deepens understanding of the leadership and organization dynamics that increase the executive’s ability to influence others and be more effective as a leader.

Challenge: Executives are challenged to look at their own attitudes, perspectives, and behaviors and to make the changes necessary to achieve the stated goals.

Action: Executives focus on the strategy and specific activities needed to create inspiring leadership and successful business outcomes for your organization.

During the coaching sessions, executives work with a coach in an action-oriented environment that is focused on successful business outcomes and leadership development.