Conversational Capacity

Conversational Capacity is the ability of an individual or a team to engage in open, balanced, non-defensive dialogue about difficult subjects and in challenging circumstances. It is also the sweet spot where innovation happens.

The level of the Conversational Capacity of an organization  determines the speed at which this organization learns, transforms, innovate and thrive

This program teaches the following:

  • Awareness: Learners recognize when fight-or-flight reactions prevent real listening and create discomfort in others. This allows for a more intentional response to challenging conversations.
  • Mindset: Exploring diverse perspectives and listening to contrasting views are emphasized, because that is where greatest opportunities for insights and growth are.
  • Skillset: Four behaviors are essential to Conversational Capacity: two that build genuine candor and two that build curiosity. Balancing candor and curiosity creates the conversational sweet spot.