Optimal Motivation®

The question is not If but Why an individual is motivated!

Benefit: Helps managers move from “how to motivate somebody” to the understanding of Why somebody is motivated to do or not do something, so that they can help them move to an optimal kind of motivation.

The program is based on the new science of motivation, the Self Determination Theory (SDT) and teaches motivation as a skill.

Spectrum of Motivation

Program outline for Participants:

  • Identify the six kinds of motivation in the Spectrum of Motivation.
  • Learn how the extend to which are met our innate psychological needs for Autonomy, Relatedness, Competence impacts our sense of wellbeing, energy and vitality.
  • Develop and practice the skills required to ignite their own optimal motivation and that of others.
  • Learn the best practices to develop an optimally motivating work environment.