Leading People Through Change

Leading People Through Change teaches your leaders at all levels how to lead successful change initiatives. Leaders learn how to identify and address the predictable questions employees have and how to resolve their concerns to increase their buy-in and commitment. It is based on our 30 years of change leadership consulting experience. The solution also leverages academic research that finds that people are less resistant to change when they have opportunities to share their concerns and receive the appropriate leadership.

Working for many hours or days without human interaction can lead to isolation, low morale and loss of connectedness with colleagues.

This program focuses on three basic practices that demonstrably improve the leaders’ effectiveness in a digital environment: Be Attentive & Mindful, Foster Community & Accelerate Performance and Development.

It is addressed to managers and team leaders at any level, who have all or some of their team members working remotely.

Learners are equipped with strategies to proactively address the most common causes of failure of changes of any kind and size.